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by Michael Harbron on Jul 15, 2021

Throughout Arizona, homeowners enjoy cooling off in their swimming pools when the weather gets too hot to handle. While it’s true that having a pool right outside your door is great for entertaining friends and family and cooling off, it can also even increase your home’s value.

But will it increase the premiums you pay for home insurance in Scottsdale or Phoenix, too?

If you’re thinking of having a swimming pool added to your property, be sure to keep the following three things in mind regarding how it can affect your home and your homeowners insurance in Arizona:

  • Safety measures are going to be required.
  • Pool furniture, equipment, and accessories increase the value of your belongings.
  • Any time you have an increase in the value or risk of your property, your insurance coverage may need to be increased, too.

Whether it’s your insurance company, your town or city, or the municipality in which your property is located, somebody is most likely going to require that certain safety measures be in place regarding your pool. One common measure is a fence with a locked gate; they often have specific guidelines you’ll need to follow for the height of the fence, too. If you have a back door that opens directly to your pool area, you should consider a safety cover for the pool and a door alarm to keep pets, children, and non-swimmers safe. 

What does this mean for you? In short, you’re going to have to double check and make sure that you have enough coverage on your policy for home insurance in Phoenix. With the addition of a pool and all the things that come with it, you’ll need to include all pool and patio-related items of value when you add up the worth of your personal belongings. Per-item limits may apply, which means that the maximum amount that is payable on any single item is capped. If you have very high-value items around your pool, like a high-end sound system, you might want to look into expanded coverage options.  

Plain and simple, a swimming pool increases your risk exposure. If anyone gets hurt in or around your pool, you could be on the hook for medical bills and other damages – even if the injured person wasn’t invited over for a swim. However, a pool does increase the value of your property, too, so your home insurance in Scottsdale has to reflect that increase in value, as well as the increase in risk. You may want to consider an umbrella policy for added protection. Work closely with a company that can help you understand the protection you need that adding a swimming pool to your property comes with. Get a free insurance quote online with no cost and no obligation here. Have questions? Need further help choosing Phoenix home insurance that is best for you? Contact us today and let us know how we can help!


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