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by Michael Harbron on Feb 23, 2021

At first glance, the thought of purchasing home insurance for the first time to cover your home can be overwhelming. A million questions might cross your mind as you wonder about price, coverage, claims, discounts, and more. When it comes to purchasing home insurance in Phoenix, chances are good that at the same time, you might be in the middle of trying to figure out a mortgage, dealing with tons of paperwork, and really trying to get your life settled – and you know it needs to be protected, too.

Home insurance in Scottsdale doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Your home is most likely going to be the most valuable thing you will ever own, and your insurance policy is going to make sure your property is protected. Your job is to make sure it’s protected to the fullest extent at a price that is affordable for you.

Follow these tips to ensure you find a policy that protects everything without paying for too much (or too little) for that protection:

  • Don’t automatically settle for the cheapest insurance. Think about purchasing clothes: just because the shirt in one hand is cheaper than the shirt in the right hand doesn’t mean you should choose the cheaper one based solely off the price tag. Oftentimes, cheaper clothing is not as well-made and will fall apart more quickly, resulting in you spending more money over time to replace it when it wears out. The same can sometimes hold true with insurance policies: some that are cheaper can actually develop “holes” in coverage, and you only find out about them after a disaster strikes. What you thought was covered actually wasn’t, costing you more money as you replace uninsured losses. Always make sure to compare more than just price when it comes to Arizona home insurance.
  • Know that there are two types of insurers: traditional and insurtech. Traditional companies might be less efficient, more expensive, and “old fashioned”. An agent will help you determine the type of insurance you need, and they’ll give you a quote. Some people like traditional companies because it’s familiar. Insurtech brands are those that incorporate new technologies to keep up with the times. They have websites, online quote systems, mobile apps, chat features, and more. Decide which type you might prefer before you get too deep into choosing a carrier to ensure your needs will be met.
  • Make sure your policy is unique to you and your needs. There are three big factors that influence the premiums you will pay for various types of coverage: materials your home is built with, weather conditions in your area, and loss history in your neighborhood. The higher the chances of your home crumbling from a natural disaster or your stuff getting stolen will define your risk, so keep this in mind when browsing for home insurance in Phoenix. If you own a lot of jewelry, expensive computers, cameras or equipment, or you are the proud owner of an elite vintage guitar collection, expect to pay more to protect these items.
  • Inquire about any discounts that might be available. Many insurance companies will offer reduced rates if you meet any number of different requirements, so be sure to ask. You might get a good discount if you have no history of filing claims in the past. You might also earn a lower premium if you have multiple types of insurance with the same company – for example, if you have your home insurance and car insurance with one company, they often offer discounts on these bundles.
  • Remember that coverage DOES (and should) affect the price you pay. Insurance companies exist because they need to have enough money on-hand (so to speak) to pay for losses you incur – and that can add up to a large sum of money. If you’ve been paying $200/mo for the past 12 months for your home insurance in Scottsdale, and your house catches fire and is a total loss, you’ve only paid $2400 to the insurance company so far, but the company now has to pay to restore your home and everything in it that you protected with coverage…and that costs far, far more than $2400. If you want more coverage and a bigger “umbrella” of protection, you need to expect to pay a bit more than the “bottom of the barrel bare minimum coverage” price.

Be sure to contact Summit Insurance to help you find the very best coverage and protection for your home. After all, your home is your biggest investment – your whole life is in it. Take advantage of no-obligation free online home insurance quotes in Phoenix, and contact us if we can answer any questions you may have. We’re committed to helping you get the best possible policy!


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