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by Michael Harbron on Jan 20, 2021

Auto insurance in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or anywhere else can change for you after an auto accident. When people are involved in a wreck, many of them have wished they had video evidence of what happened to prove their claims. While the prices of different dash cams vary considerably, those who use them say the price of not having one can be far greater.

Dash Cam Use in Arizona

During personal injury lawsuits and related cases in court involving traffic accidents, footage from dash cameras is commonly used. It’s important to note that the cameras are legal in Arizona; however, they must be properly mounted to a vehicle’s window or dashboard.

Most people when purchasing a camera have the intent of having proof in the event that another driver is at fault in an accident, keep in mind that they will also record what happens when you are the driver who is at fault. It is possible for companies that issue auto insurance in Phoenix and the rest of the state to get a court order to obtain the footage – to prove a case either in your favor or against you.

Impact on Phoenix Auto Insurance Claims

In order for footage from a dash cam to serve as evidence in court, it has to be clear; if it’s too grainy, too dark, or difficult to see what actually transpired, its value will decline or be lost completely. When clear footage is available, a company for auto insurance in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or anywhere else will take into consideration how footage will sway a jury. It can also impact the amount of an insurance company’s settlement offer.

Keep in mind that in order for video footage to be used in court, you have to prove that it accurately shows what happened at the time of an auto accident. Oftentimes, the judge will watch the footage before having a jury view it – if they get to that point at all. A judge can also decide that the footage does not accurately or clearly show what transpired before a jury sees it.

The Best Arizona Auto Insurance for You

Scottsdale auto insurance, insurance in Phoenix, and coverage anywhere in Arizona isn’t always cut and dry. Be sure you’re protected by the best possible policy by obtaining a free, no-obligation quote online for auto insurance. Summit Insurance is committed to helping Arizona drivers find the right balance between premiums and protection – let us know how we can help you today.


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