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by Michael Harbron on Aug 14, 2020

Your basic coverage for home insurance in Phoenix covers many natural disasters – but it doesn’t cover everything you might think it does. Some of the most common weather events that are covered include hail, lightning strikes, wildfires, volcanoes (yes, volcanoes) and general wind.

So, what isn’t covered by basic Phoenix home insurance in Scottsdale?




And Landslides/Mudslides.

Don’t make the mistake of never glancing over your coverage specifics until it’s too late. Many homeowners find that they need extra policies that cover these events.

Flood Protection

Floods can happen with little warning during certain times of the year in Arizona, thanks to haboobs, monsoons, and other climatic conditions. While most policies will cover flood damage from things like plumbing failures, excess rain, and leaking pipes, they generally do not cover the flooding that follows storm surges.

Earthquake Coverage

How much you will need to pay for earthquake protection depends on several things:

  • The location of your house
  • The materials your house is made of
  • How it is constructed
  • The integrity of the foundation
  • The number of levels your home has
  • Its insured value

Even if you live in an area that isn’t known for its seismic activity, you may want to consider supplemental coverage for earthquakes at a low premium.

Hurricane Protection – Not What You Think

Although Arizona isn’t a state where hurricanes occur, this type of insurance also often covers damage from strong winds – any strong winds. Therefore, you may want to consider obtaining this coverage since Arizona does have strong wind activity during various seasons.

Landslide and Mudslide Coverage

Check with your insurance agent about what heading this type of coverage would fall into; in some areas, protection from damage resulting from landslides and mudslides is not usually covered under volcano insurance, but might be covered under earthquake insurance if the slide is the result of aftershocks and tremors.

Always make sure you are absolutely clear about what is and is not covered under different policies, riders, and additions. It may not always be what it seems at first. Home insurance in Phoenix usually won’t cover hurricanes or volcanoes – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider adding these coverages. This is because despite their names, they do also cover additional damage that Arizona does encounter, such as landslides, strong winds, dust damage, (dust storms and haboobs bring dust, remember?) and even flying debris.

Let Summit Insurance help you find the perfect policy that will protect your property from any and all environmental hazards and events. Get a free online quote for your any of your insurance needs, including life insurance in AZ, auto insurance in Scottsdale, home insurance in Phoenix, home insurance in Scottsdale, or auto insurance in Phoenix today. Questions? Contact Us!


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