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by Michael Harbron on Oct 22, 2018

Many people can’t wait for the winter months to roll around so they can hit the slopes. There is no news more exciting than powder day. There are few sports that offer the same elements of speed, agility, and enthusiasm along with the thrill of adventure. Add to that all of the beautiful scenery and the fresh, crisp air filling your lungs as you slide down the mountain.  

Still, just like with any other sport, there are risks that everyone needs to be prepared for. If you take the proper precautions, there is a good chance that the glorious time you anticipate on the slopes won’t turn into disaster but will be everything you hoped. By following some very basic guidelines, you can make sure that everyone with you stays safe and you all have a good time.


Follow the On-Piste Rules  

Think of skiing the slopes as you would traveling the highway. Drivers on a highway know exactly what they can or can’t do, and when they follow the rules, everyone stays safe. As a skier, you must make sure to learn and follow all the rules of conduct. For example, when skiing, make sure that you leave enough room for the other skiers to maneuver safely. When you’re barreling down the mountain at 40 mph, there is not much time to recover from mistakes. If you get too close to another skier or you block their movements, they may not have time to react if something were to happen, which could quickly become a set-up for an accident.


Make Sure Your Equipment is in Good Condition  

Poor equipment can be a danger to yourself and others around you. This involves more than just having good skis and boots; it also involves making sure it is fitted properly and used in the right way. Bindings should be tightly secured, you should always wear a helmet, and you have the proper attire for the weather.


Be Aware of the Risks of Going Off-Piste  

More advanced skiers may be tempted to go off-piste but never do so until you know all the risks.  Aside from finding yourself lost and away from the crowds, some areas are more prone to avalanches and other dangers. While there may be many benefits of going off-piste for experienced skiers, remember that you are leaving areas known for safety and where help can easily find you if something were to happen. You’re actually leaving yourself open for serious injuries if you’re not aware.

  Staying safe on the slopes is not the job of one person; it is the job of everyone there. Yet, even if everyone does their best to maintain a safe environment, accidents still happen. Therefore, it is more important than ever to take some additional protection with you when you go up the mountain. By having insurance coverage from, you can be sure that you are fully prepared for any eventuality so that you can take to the slopes with peace of mind.


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