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by Michael Harbron on Sep 06, 2018

Arizona is known for its desert regions with an arid climate and high-heat in the summer months. Due to its reputation for being so dry, many new residents to Scottsdale choose not to invest in flood insurance. Unfortunately, the reason so many avoid flood insurance is also the main reason it’s so necessary.

Think about the way that the soil in a potted plant firms up and contracts when it isn’t properly watered. The earth becomes hard, and when you finally do pour some water onto the soil, it just runs off all over the dining room table. The same thing happens to the ground in Arizona when there’s little to no rain fall. The ground becomes hard, and when rain does fall, it’s unable to penetrate and be absorbed, and so it runs around, sits on top of the ground, and eventually causes a flood.

Flood Insurance Protects You

Floods might not be a common problem in Scottsdale, but they are recognized as the most common form of natural disaster in the United States, and they happen in great quantity each year. Due to the smaller numbers of this natural disaster in Arizona, many homeowners and businesses choose to build in flood zones. This is because these flood zones see so little flooding, it makes more sense to utilize the flat space than to waste it.

There are many reasons for flooding, including rain, burst water pipes, and more. Purchasing flood insurance coverage protects your home if a flood should damage it. This includes belongings which are washed away, covered in mold, or stop working due to water damage. At Summit Insurance AZ, we know that not all belongings are replaceable, but having the money to offset the damage can help you rebuild your home and to try replacing some items.

Flood Damage Coverage

If a flood should occur, your insurance coverage isn’t just there for the contents of your house but for the house itself. Mold and mildew, rot and breakage are all covered through your protection plan should a flood ensue. In Arizona, flood damage is often left uncovered by home insurance alone. This leaves you open to a loss should your insurance not come through for you.

Your building coverage includes the electrical system in your home, air conditioning, the house foundation, and even build in appliances such as a dishwasher. This differs from your contents coverage which includes anything not bolted down or built into the house, such as area rugs, fans, clothing, furniture, and jewelry. The payments for these claims are provided via RCV or ACV. Replacement cost value provides the money to pay for the lost property. Actual cash value is the value of something minus the money lost for depreciation; for example, a car which is no longer as valuable as the day it was purchased.

For more information on our coverage and insurance services here at Summit Insurance AZ, contact us today. You can also get more information on flooding in Arizona by visiting Arizona Department of Water Resources or National Flood Insurance Program.


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