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by on Dec 04, 2017

Now that winter is upon us, you’re probably worried about how your garden will fare as the weather gets colder. Lower temperatures can make it more difficult to keep your garden alive and prosperous. Your biggest challenge as a gardener in the winter is making sure that your plants have enough water to survive. If the temperature gets below zero, the water in the ground will freeze, making it nearly impossible for the plants to absorb the water through their roots.

Fortunately, as a resident of Arizona, you have it pretty easy. While Arizona still gets its fair share of cold weather, the temperature usually lingers at a low of about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature consistently remains above freezing, your plants should have a relatively easy time surviving through the winter. But colder air almost always means drier air. Arizona is known for having one of the most arid climates in the country. Keep your garden alive this winter with these watering tips.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Arizona weather can be fickle. Just when you think that it’s going to be a mild winter, the temperature drops like a rock. It’s important to be aware of how the weather changes on a daily basis. Keep an eye on the day’s highs and lows. If it looks like the temperature is going to drop below 28 degrees, thoroughly water your plants when the temperature is still above 40 degrees.

Strike the Right Balance

It’s always up to the gardener to carefully draw the line between overwatering and just the right amount of moisture. If you overwater your plants, the ground will most likely get muddy and lifeless, making it difficult for the plants to keep their roots intact underground. Try to limit your watering to just a few times a month. Remember that plants don’t need as much water during the winter because they’re largely dormant. It’s only during the spring or growing season that plants really need to stretch their legs.

Protect the Newbies

If you’ve recently made some new additions to your garden, you need to give these new plants some extra care and attention. Planting anything always means that the soil has been tossed around a bit. When this happens, it makes the plant more susceptible to frostbite. The cold air can easily circulate underground, putting the plant’s fragile roots in danger. Firmly pat down the soil around the newest additions to your garden and make sure that they get plenty of water.

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