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by on Jun 26, 2017

If you are the owner of vacant land of any plot size or acreage, it’s important that you understand a few things regarding the need for insurance on that land. One of the most common questions regarding coverage on land is whether or not vacant land needs insurance protection. The short of it is, “Yes, you need insurance on your vacant land.” However, there’s more to it all than just that.

As a landowner, you lay claim to all of the rocks, trees, plants, grasses, dirt, and structures on that land – but wait, I thought you said it was vacant. Vacant land cannot have any existing structures on it. So the first thing you need to consider is whether or not your land is truly considered to be vacant by your insurance carrier (and most often by the law, as well).

Is Your Vacant Land Really Vacant?

Although this question is largely and legally left to interpretation, the ISO definition is “any land on which there exist no man-made structures”. Basically, if there is an old abandoned well, a narrow paved pathway, fences, a small pond dock, or any other structure that deviates the land in any way from its natural state, it is not vacant.

What if Your Land, then, is not Vacant?

If you do not have land that meets the strict definition of “vacant”, you have two options: You can take out an additional policy to obtain coverage, or you can add the property location to your existing policy. Contact Summit Insurance for assistance with your insurance needs and to obtain a free online quote from multiple carriers to ensure you have the best policy for you.

And If Your Land Is Truly Vacant?

As the owner of truly vacant land, even though you may argue that “there is nothing there to insure”, you need to be covered. Keep in mind: You not only own the land and all the natural stuff on it, but you also own the responsibility of what happens on your land; you have a liability exposure. If you are a homeowner with homeowners insurance, you might already be covered; most standard homeowners policies include coverage for vacant land under the policy’s liability clause. If not, contact your insurance agent or visit for assistance and free online insurance quotes from various carriers.

When it comes to protecting yourself with insurance coverage for vacant land, the best policy is to have a policy! Anything that happens within your vacant realm is going to be your responsibility, whether it’s positive or negative, and you certainly don’t want to find yourself in a bind without the protection of a policy in place. Contact us for more information and to compare quotes today.

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