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May 09, 2014

It's a good idea to regularly review your Phoenix auto insurance quotes for missed opportunities to save money. Although this review doesn’t have to be often, it should be done at least once every six months or at the least, once per year.

Changes in your circumstances and in your life may lead to discounts that perhaps you should be getting but aren’t. While your Scottsdale auto insurance agent can help you keep an eye on some discount opportunities, it is your responsibility to call attention to others.

Some of the discounts that your agent can help with include those for safe driving and accident or incident-free discounts. Almost every insurance agency offers discounts to those with clean driving records. Also, discounts for safety features on your car are partly in the hands of your agent, though if you get an alarm system installed (for example) you’ll want to notify your agent so that he or she can check for a discount for anti-theft devices. Another popular discount your Phoenix auto insurance agent should automatically apply is a multi-line or multi-vehicle discount, which will save you money if you have insurance other than auto (like life, home insurance in Phoenix, Arizona business insurance or renters insurance) or multiple vehicles insured under the same roof.

Some of the discounts you need to bring to the attention of your agent include those for being a college student and those for having a good student listed as a driver on your vehicle(s). Usually you’ll just need to bring proof of college enrollment for a listed driver or bring a report card copy to your Phoenix insurance company  to receive a good student discount. You might also want to inquire, if your car is completely paid off, if you would save a fair amount of money changing from full-coverage insurance to liability only, as permitted by law. Depending on several factors, this could save you a decent amount of money or it could only save you a few bucks. Make sure, however, that you understand the difference in coverage between “full coverage” and “liability only” and that the money you might save would be worth the risk of not having your car replaced in the event of a total loss.

For questions about your auto insurance in Scottsdale and surrounding areas or for help checking for any missed discounts, be sure to contact your Phoenix insurance company promptly.


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