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May 07, 2014

If you have ever wondered how your home state ranks in auto safety compared to the rest of the country, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Every year, Allstate releases the America’s Best Drivers Report which takes a look at America’s cities for car safety, including frequency of car accidents and comparisons to the national average. They use over 9 years of car claims data, and in 2013 they had some great news for Arizona drivers.

For the 9th year in a row, Phoenix car drivers topped the list for the safest city with commuters with more than 1 million people. As a “Road Scholar,” Phoenix drivers had car accidents roughly every 10 years, which is on par with the national average which includes cities with much smaller populations of commuters.

Another Arizona city, Tucson, also got a special nod from the report.  Tucson holds the top spot for its respective city size, which is for total populations between 500,000-750,000 individuals. Typically, Tucson drivers won’t experience an accident until 11.4 years after their last accident, which is a whopping 12.4% less frequent than the national average.

This is fantastic news for Arizona drivers, as much of the state compares incredibly well relative to the rest of the country. Continue to keep Arizona safe, and get yourself protected with Phoenix auto insurance, and keep alert on drives. Always allot yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, and always pull over in you are lost, tired, or are in need of directions.

Be safe out on the roads everyone! 


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