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Mar 20, 2014

Everyone ends up looking into life insurance at some point in their life, and the prices quoted by different insurance companies can vary widely. Not everyone is given the same rates, and different companies give different rates to the same people. So if you are on a budget, how do you nab the lowest life insurance rates possible? Here are some pointers:

Start Your Life Insurance Early

The sooner you are able to start with life insurance, the more likely both your coverage and your rates will improve. The difference between starting at 25 and 35 are exorbitant, so start as early as possible to secure lower rates in the long-run.

Browse and Compare Premiums

Not all companies offer competitive rates, and many of the most visible insurance companies are quick to offer inflated insurance rates. Before you accept any insurance plans, wait and compare to other companies and see what all your options are before deciding.

Get a Life Insurance Broker

A Phoenix life insurance broker makes a lot of the aforementioned shopping and comparing easy, especially if you are both on a budget and a limited timeline. Not only will an insurance broker find you the most competitive prices, they can also advise you on what kind of benefits are best for your situation, and which ones are just extras.

Take Care of Your Health

Life insurance companies care about the health of their clients. If you don’t smoke, refrain from excessive drinking, and have a clean bill of health, you are more likely to get lower insurance rates than those that do engage in such behaviors.  


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