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Jan 29, 2014

This month, Construction Digital Magazine announced what construction professionals considered their most important pieces of construction equipment for 2013.  The poll focused on which pieces of equipment were most important for “safety, efficiency, and modernity,” as well as how often professionals relied on the equipment.

This year’s poll named the crane as the most important piece of construction equipment among professionals. Besides being an indispensable part of many construction projects, cranes are the most frequently used piece of equipment in the trade today. The crane that professionals ultimately choose to invest in can help frame how the professionals will build the rest of their equipment collection. Most professionals who own a crane would carry crane insurance to protect their valuable investment, further proving the importance of the crane in any construction business. Even if professionals don’t have the right resources to invest in a crane right away, most professionals would at least consider a rental, as cranes are a must in a variety of jobs.

Besides the crane, the bulldozers and forklifts ranked high in the poll for their effectiveness, reliability, and speed. The cement mixer was also predicted to make a comeback in the future, as recycled materials and “green” building becomes more prominent. Lastly, but certainly not least, was the hard hat which most professionals mentioned despite not being a traditional piece of machinery or tool.

As an Arizona business insurance group, we have had considerable experience working alongside construction professionals to get them the proper coverage for their equipment. In that time, we have seen how important equipment insurance is for construction professionals, and how small business insurance can save each every business valuable time and money. Click here for more information on our business insurance services. 


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