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Health Insurance

from Summit Insurance Advisors

If you are looking for Health Insurance and you live in Scottsdale or Phoenix Arizona, Summit insurance can help.

Summit insurance is a local independent insurance agent that has offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona.  We understand the needs of those people living in Arizona and are able to help people find the right Health Insurance at a graet price.

We understand that your health is one of the most important assets you have! As such, it is highly recommnded that you take care of your health and your family’s health with a health insurance policy from Summit Insurance.

Medical treatment is a pricey service. Health insurance helps by cutting down the amount you owe to where you are treated, saving you a lot of money. Summit Insurance can help you select a healthcare plan that’s right for you. Contact one of our friendly agents today to learn how to get an affordable rate.

Types of Health Insurance in Phoenix Arizona

There  three common types of Phoenix health insurance policies to select: consumer-directed, fee for service, and managed care. These health insurance options are there to cover medical, surgical, and hospital expenses. They may even cover dental expenses, mental health services, and prescription drugs, depending on the coverage you choose and how expansive youi make it.

  • Consumer-directed

    A consumer-directed health plan (a.k.a. “consumer-driven” or “consumer choice”) is a newer type of healthcare plan that’s designed to give you more control as a consumer. A big part of the plan is personally setting up a health fund to cover expenses.

  • Fee for Service

    A fee for service plan is a more traditional healthcare option. It means that there is a fee issued by your provider for every healthcare service you receive. This allows for a lot of flexibility when choosing a physician or healthcare provider.

  • Managed Care

    Members of managed care health plans generally enjoy more benefits like lower out-of-pocket costs. However, you can only receive treatment from physicians that participate in the managed care network. Typical managed care plans include health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPO), and point-of service (POS) plans.

Common Health Insurance Terms

There are a range of common health insurance term you will hear, both from insurance professionals and the medical field. Here are some of the most common terms.

  • Deductible - The amount you pay toward medical bills before your insurance coverage activates.
  • Co-pay - A specified amount of money you pay upfront for doctor visits and prescription refills. This is typically a set amount for any visit, although there are some variations.
  • Coinsurance - The percentage of medical bills you pay after meeting the deductible.

To learn more about Phoenix health insurance, call and talk with one of our agents today. We’ll guide you toward a more secure future.

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5425 E Bell Road Suite 103
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Summit Insurance Brokers has been providing Arizona health insurance for many years, and the expert agents in our Phoenix AZ insurance office take pride in servicing the health insurance needs of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Paradise Valley. Live outside of Arizona? We've expanded our health insurance offerings to California and Maryland.

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