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How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?

from Summit Insurance Advisors

How Much Auto Insurance is Enough?

Auto insurance blends several types of coverage into one policy. Typically, your policy will include some combination of comprehensive, collision, medical, liability and uninsured motorist coverage.

Phoenix Auto Insurance Needs

Everybody is going to be unique with their car insurance needs. When selecting your options, consider the following:

  • Liability pays for the damages caused to others if your car is involved in an accident. It also protects you from being financially drained if you are sued following an accident. The greater your assets, the more you stand to lose. If you have substantial financial resources, you may need liability coverage that exceeds the coverage that you'll get from an auto insurance policy in case of litigation. In that case, a personal umbrella policycan provide the extra liability protection you need.
  • Collisioncovers damage to your car from an accident. Summit Insurance can help you choose whether or not to selectcollision coverage by balancing the cost of collision insurance with the value of your car. It might not be worth paying $200 a year for collision insurance on a car that's worth only $1,000. But if the car is worth $10,000 or higher, you probably want this coverage.
  • Comprehensivecoverage pays for your car if it is stolen, vandalized or damaged in some way other than in a collision. Often times, these events are out of our control, so being taken care of is important.
  • Medical coverage provides for medical expenses to you and your passengers that are the result of an accident. The way you use your car may make a difference in the amount of medical coverage you need. For example, we might suggest more coverage for a parent who regularly takes a carload of kids to soccer practice than for a driver who expects to drive mostly alone.

Please keep in mind that Arizona requires certain minimum levels of coverage. The right Arizona car insurance coverage for you is going to reflect your needs alone- talk to us today to find out how to get the best value on Phoenix auto insurance.

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Summit Insurance Brokers has been providing Arizona auto insurance for many years, and the expert agents in our Phoenix AZ insurance office take pride in servicing the auto insurance needs of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Paradise Valley. Live outside of Arizona? We've expanded our auto insurance offerings to California and Maryland.

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